because I have many friends and a happy familyMmother is shopssistt Shethirty-six years

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  出差订旅店就用趣出差,单单有返现,关切微信小法式或下载APP立刻领取100元返现红包 小学中高年级学生在对英语实行练习时,请求具备容易的英语书面表达材干,写作是英语归纳材干的呈现,接下来小编为你清理了接下来小编为你清理了小学六年级英语作文范文,一齐来看看吧。 This is the earth. The green part is land. The blue part is sea. The white part is clouds. Our earth is very beautiful and interesting. There are rivers, streams, seas and lakes. There are hills and mountains. There are woods, jungles and forests. There are many countries and cities. There are many people live in them. Do you think the earth is very wonderful? Many years ago, the earth is very clean. But nowadays there is much pollution on the earth. There is air pollution, land pollution and water pollution.People are cutting down the forests. Many wild animals, birds and insects lose their homes. People are killing animals for their food and their skins. Its very cruel. People are polluting the land, the water and the air. People must stop doing this. We must save the earth. I am student of Southwest Weiyu Middle School. I am in Class Two Grade Six. Im a girl. Im twelve years old. Im tall and thin. I like to sing and dance. I can sing POP music very well. I like to eat meat, because I think its very delicious. I good at English, because I like it very much. I like to write a composition and I like to read many nice books. I think its good for me. I like drawing, but I cant draw very well. I like cats very much, but I cant have them, because my mother doesnt like them, she think theyre very dirty. I want to travel around the world, but I havent enough money. But Im happy, because I have many friends and a happy family. My mother is a shop assistant. Shes thirty-six years old. Shes tall and thin too. Shes pretty. Her hair is short and straight. She likes to sing and she likes Zhang Xueyous songs and English songs. She likes to eat crabs. She always goes shopping with me. Shes good at Maths. When I have problems with Maths she will help me. She doesnt like pets; because she thinks they are dirty. I like my mother very much. My father is a manager. Hes forty-six years old. But he looks like very young and handsome. He always goes to park with me. He likes to smoke. But I think smoke is bad for himself. He likes English songs. Hes good at Chinese. He sometimes helps me to write a composition. My father likes pets very much. I like my father very much. My grandmother and my sister live together. My grandma is sixty-three years old. Shes retiring. My sister is a student of fourteen years old. She has two big eyes and long straight hair. Shes a small famous singer in her city. She likes to sing and dance. She can sing very well. She joins in many competitions and she always be champion. Today is fools day and its also my birthday. My name is Sam. Im 11 years old. In my birthday party, Mother usually buys some interesting books for me and my father usually buys a pair of beautiful shoes for me. I love my gifts. My friends are coming. The boys and girls are enjoying my birthday party. Theyre laughing and playing games. Now, Theyre eating sandwiches, cakes and fish. Theyre drinking apple juice and orange juice too. My birthday cake is very big. There are 11 candles on it. They say: happy birthday to Sam! Hip, Hip, Hurry! Hip, Hip, hurry! Oh, what a nice birthday party!